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Mac’s Bridge 2017

On Sunday, May 28, the SSVC put on a club display at the annual Macs Bridge event at the Belmont Rifle Range. Macs Bridge, formally
known as Maclean’s Bridge was started many years ago at Maclean’s Bridge. When the event out grew that venue it was moved from
venue to venue before settling in at the Belmont Rifle Range. Macs Bridge attracts close to 400 cars from different car makes and
clubs from all over south east Queensland.

Our club, taking part in the event for the 2nd time was allocated 10 spots and were joined in force by representatives from the 1800/120 club. We ended up with 11 cars from the SSVC including my dads S70 that left early in the day. The cars that did represent the SSVC were;
Peer and Ryan Skaarup, 122 Wagon,
Rob Eldridge, 164E,
Johan Aghardh, 245L,
Rod and Clayton Wilson, 242GT,
Noel Gwynne, 262C,
Jeremy Fenton, 240GL,
Rick Deloub, 850R,
Mike Beamish, C70,
Stef and Dawn Claes, V70,
Jared Wilson, 242GT.

Our club looked great with the new banner in place and Volvo flag waving high. Sadly the Grand Prix Mazda sponsored best club display did not go to a Volvo club this year. That award strongly went to the Grand Prix Mazda MX5 Club, congrats!!

All in all it was a great day and I truly believe the club looked spectacular. Thank you to our members who came out and shined their babies up again just 2 weeks after rally.

Byron Bay Coffee Run

As the sun rose in the east, a few of us gather at a little coffee shop in the heart of Tingalpa. Retro Expresso has been a regular go
to coffee for early mornings for some time and I felt it was time to share that with the club.

Off we go at the crack of 8.30 and down the M1. After an hour and a half we crossed the border and pulled into the BP Service centre at Chindarah for more coffee as well as donuts and to meet with a few more members. Before long it was time to depart, coffee still in hand and keep on the Pacific Hwy.

Arriving into Byron Bay just after 11 am we ventured through the centre of town and continued onto the point. Here we found ourselves scattering to find a park before meeting up at our destination, The Pass Cafe.

The Pass Cafe offer some amazing views and is just off the main beach as well as just down the road from the famous Byron Bay light house. It has an amazing menu, covering all diets and delights. Our group wasted no time in ordering lunch and continuing our conversations from the morning. Following lunch, we all said our goodbyes and made our way back home. Very fun little day out.

Adventures with Ron

The Oodnadatta Challenge – Part I

The Oodnadatta Challenge begins in Perth on 3rd May, but before we get there, we travelled from Toowoomba through the NSW towns of Moree, Cobar, Bourke and Broken Hill. Our plan was to travel along the Great Australian Bight en-route to WA, which meant Easter (and oysters) in Coffin Bay, and travelling along the Nullarbor to Esperance, Albany and the beautiful Margaret River.

Our 1986 240 Station wagon ‘Ron’ has been our transport and sleeping accommodation, and has so far clocked over 6000kms, and we haven’t even started the trip proper!

You can follow our journey on our Facebook Page, ‘Adventures with Ron’

Ricks Garage

Ricks Garage, located in Palmwoods up on the Sunshine Coast has become famous for car and motorcycle clubs for its friendly atmosphere, great food and cold drinks. Planning a run to Ricks was really a no brainer!!

Meeting at Morayfield the day got off to a not so great start as one of our clubs youngest members was involved in a tiny bingle with a motorbike that was on the wrong side of the road. Tempers died down very quickly and all things sorted we were on the road with everyone following myself in the Baz.

Now the first unspoken rule of going to Rick’s is never by the conventional route, so up the Bruce Hwy was never an option, instead we turned towards Woodford to take in the scenic route that slowly started to climb until we were up in Malany and taking in the views. Just prior to a quick stop, I got a phone call from a certain mother of mine complaining I was going to fast. Mmmm I was actually travel-
ling well under the speed limit as it was… Well, she does own a corolla so…….

After a quick stop we were off to Palmwoods via Montville and down old Hunchy. Now the funny thing with Palmwoods is its quite a quiet little town, till you turn a corner and there are bikes and V8’s everywhere. Perfect for the Volvo club.

We sat down to burgers and fish, thick shakes and the odd beer and lots of laughter. Great mix of young and old at the table ranging from 5 to 94, everyone had a fantastic time. Ricks is one we will do again.

SSVC Observation Run

Glorious Sunday morning, meeting up at the Mt Ommaney Library car park. Five teams showed up to compete in the SSVC Observation run. Leaving in 2 minute intervals after getting the instruction and question sheet, all teams were off on a great adventure of west and south of Brisbane.

All teams had to collect photos, answer questions as well as trivia. Points would also be awarded for imagination, and yes, drop bears were mentioned.

Meeting up with the teams, well all bar one who got a little lost and I won’t mention that I am related to them….. Meeting up with the teams and scoring part A it was obvious that it was going to be close, with only a few points separating first to last.

Leaving Beaudesert in 2 minute intervals again, the teams head through Canungra and up and over Mt Tamborine before finally meeting up at Yatala Pies for a feed and to find the winner.

Amazing to see the end points were so very, very close but the winner by half a point went to Clayton and Gay Wilson with Noel and Dee Gwynne a very close second.

Over all the day proved a success with everyone attending having a ball. Thank you to all who participated.

Poker Run

The Poker Run, which was originally slated for September last year but sadly had to be postponed due to weather was finally held on March 12th.

6 teams of 2 as well as volunteers showed up at the Broncos Leagues Club.

Now to explain, all teams had to visit 4 different locations, collecting envelopes with a card inside, and collect the 5th on return to Bronco’s. All teams left 5 minutes apart, answering questions as well as collecting a few items along the way, including an unopened but empty can and a 20c coin from 1982.

Participants visited Mt Cootha, Jolly’s lookout, the Samford Valley and the Paddington Tavern.

Back at Bronco’s and upon receiving the last card, participants went down to the restaurant for lunch and to hand out a few goodies!!

The points winners for the day was Team Eldridge but we still had to find the winner of our game of Poker, that going to a hand of 2 pair, aces over 10’s to Team Foord.

Congratulations to all the winners on the day and thank you to all for the laughs and for a great day.

Xtreme Karts

Pride was on the line as 12 of our members hit the race track to see who was quickest.

As we sat getting instruction before our first run, you could tell that tensions were getting high, nerves were setting in and the red mist was descending… It was on!!

Our first session had us feeling out the karts, the track as well as each other, pushing deeper into the turns and defending against those around us. Truth be told we were pretty well
split up and the only person I attempted to fend off was James Clancy. Ryan Skaarup had bragging rights from the first session.

After a small break where much bragging was had, we loaded
back into the karts. Everyone seemed faster and more determined. Me, I was trying to keep the kart on track. This time James Clancy would take over the bragging rights, but Ryan was right there.

Again, more smack talk and we were back out. We were getting ready to line up in formation when a few of us decided to just go. The rest quickly followed suit. Everybody stepped up there game, there was biff and barge and plenty of dust in the air.

In the end it was James who won the day, followed by Rob Eldridge and Ryan in third. I was hopeless and yes I will blame the kart…..

All in all it was a fun day. It was nice to not be about the Volvo’s for once and more so about enjoyment. We are already planning another karting day. A big thanks to all who attended and to Xtreme Karts at Pimpama for being just awesome.

Warwick & Toowoomba Coffee Run

So thinking I was early, I arrive at the meeting point just outside Willowbank to wait for the club
members to arrive, I am greeted with the sight of a brand new XC60 D5 as well as an XC70 as well
as Sam and Ben from Volvo Cars Mt Gravatt. Day is off to a great start!

After a good number of members arrive we head off on the Cunningham Hwy to the home of the Volvo Clubs of Australia National Rally 2017, Warwick. Now as there is a heat wave along the east coast at the moment, Air con became a necessity and as is becoming a trend with my luck, mine decided to cut out about half an hour from Warwick, looks like it’s 4/80 air con for me (should have brought the Rat)

Anyway, as we pull into Warwick (and my air con kicks back in with one corner to go) we are greeted by the sight of Leslie Park and our first stop, The Cherry Tree Cafe.

Already there are a few more Volvo’s and a table set up. COFFEE!!! We sat down for coffee and cake, everyone caught up before we headed across the road and into the cars to head towards Toowoomba. With Estelle and John Dempster leading the way we headed through some great back roads into Allora and onto the New England towards

Now the original plan for this run was to stop at the Cobb &Co museum for lunch, but we had a little change in plans, those being we ended up at Queens Park where we were treated to a BBQ lunch from Sam and Ben from Volvo Cars Mt Gravatt.

Next thing I know, I’m handed a couple of raffle tickets, the boys had arranged a few surprises for us and gave away a heap of Polestar hats, Volvo umbrellas, Volvo water bottles and the pick of the day (and your a lucky Boy Jay), a 2016 GRM VASC remote control car!!

Honestly it was truly a great day out and a great way to introduce a number of our club members to Warwick. I can safely say the National Rally is shaping up to be a great weekend. I’d like to say thank you to the members that came out in the heat, you are what makes this club go from strength to strength, and a huge thank you to the 2 young gents from Volvo Cars Mt Gravatt for coming, providing lunch and for the sweet prizes!!

Fish n Chips @ Manly

Who could ask for more than delicious food, good friends, the sea air and a awesome view….

The SSVC met up by the Wynnum Wadding Pool overlooking Moreton Bay, after a great chat and catch up we headed down to one of the many fish and chip shops along the foreshore to pick up some grub then continued back to eat and take in more of that view!!!

We stayed on in Wynnum for a while longer before jumping in the cars and heading for a light cruise, heading down through Manly and out towards Cleveland point. It was actually quite a sight having our Volvos lined up in front of the lighthouse. From there we took off once again. Now this was when I had planned to put a lovely little cherry into the cruise, West Mt Cotton Road, one of my favourite little drivers roads in south east Brisbane. Plenty of ups and downs, left and rights later we arrived at our final destination, IKEA!!!

Everyone jumped out of their cars with huge smiles and we concluded this small event a success.

Cheers to everyone that came out, you are the reason it was such a fun afternoon.

Christmas Party

SSVC planned a re-visit to 2015’s Christmas venue, Pelican Park
at Redcliff for a BBQ lunch.

Numbers were down somewhat including our president who
was forced to spend the day repairing storm damage on his
property – the joys of a summer Christmas season. A small
in-house raffle was conducted with many draws being made
to find three Individual winners. I am sure that the separated
tickets were “magnetised” to stay next to a previous number.
Early BBQ, great cheesecake and eventual winners allowed a
reasonable early home departure before the next round of

OzVolvo National Meet

  • ozvolvo

Queensland came out in force for the OzVolvo National Meet 2016, with 20 people and 11 cars making the trek down to Forster. Granted not all are members of the SSVC, all are included in this article.

For myself, the rally started with a nice convoy down from Brisbane with most of the brigade. Most of us left Yatala BP at 5.15 am and met up with Jack Graham from SA in his 850R camper at 6 at Chindarah. Also at Chindarah was Terry Brown in his 242GT who was also making his way down. Later in the journey we ran into Rob Eldridge and his family with his famous 164.

We arrived in Forster at around 3pm NSW time (damn daylight savings) and disbanded getting together later for dinner. Prior to dinner though it was time for me to get my cars ready for the next day. Off to the car wash where my T-5 got its first wash since I destroyed my engine a mere 5 weeks earlier (long story, just glad I still got her there!!). Washed, waxed, polished, vacuumed and armor all’d, it was back to start on the Rat (I wiped a bug off the window, does that count as washed?)

Next day it was show time, and as I scraped the undercarriage of the rat on the entry way, I looked forward and what a sight!! Volvos for days, ok a little exaggeration but a great sight none the less. Now here is where I’ll leave the display day as I don’t want to steal James Duckers thunder but the Qlders had some success, more on that later but congrats to all the winners on the day, BEST TROPHIES EVER!!!!

The following day almost everyone came out for breakfast and off on a burn through the mountains on some nice twisting road, and as with any cruise, there is always one honorary defect… Not saying who though…. I decided to keep with the run and headed all the way down to Cowan for a pie at Pie in the Sky, in other words I travelled out of my way by 3 hours for a pie….hmmm

Long story short, I think I speak for the rest of the QLD contingent in saying I had a ball, I went with great memories of last years and made new and in some cases better memories from this year. Last year I said the event was awesome, this year was no different, actually no, it was better. Thank you James and Nina for all the hard work and time spent in organising this event, I can’t wait to get down next year!!

And for those wondering who represented QLD?

-Rob, Lisa, Mackenzie and Archie Eldridge, Blown 164 (winner best 1 series)
-Bede and June Maynard, 960 (winner best 3,4,7,9 series)
-James Clancy and Paula Mills, 850 T-5R wagon (winner best P80)
-Jared Wilson, 850 T-5 and 242GT (minor prize DVS underbody brace)
-Rod and Claire, Clayton and Wayne Wilson, 242GT (minor prize—Bowdons car care products)
-Bill and Liz Sheperd, 245GL (Ron)
-Terry Brown, 242GT
-Johan Agardh, 850R
-Dan and Sierra Rae, S70
-Mike Beamish, C70

Bloody brilliant effort by the Queenslanders if I do say so myself!!!

Border Ranges Run

  • natural-arch

SSVC members enjoy a wide variety of events and the Border Ranges Run was a key example of this.

The day started early in Brisbane before the group moved south from Calamvale to Beaudesert before picking up members coming from the Gold Coast.

From Beaudesert the open road, picturesque scenery and driving pleasure lay ahead. After some amazing roads through the Border Ranges the club paused for tea and coffee at an amazingly picturesque location.

After this leisurely break the engines roared once again to life for the final run into Tyalgum’s finest, Flutterbies Cafe. The last two vehicles joined the club at the cafe and a wonderful lunch was enjoyed by all while mingling and sharing a laugh.

Lunch gave way to the ability for members to wonder the streets of Tyalgum, meet the locals, view the quirky stores and return to the car for the amazing trip home. This was an opportunity for some members to visit the Tweed Valley lookout and Natural Arch.

An amazingly relaxing and enjoyable day was had by all and it truly was a great way to engage families within the Clubs activities

Rosewood Car, Bike and Ute Show

  • rosewood

Stalwart: reliable, loyal, staunch. Etc. Also reckless, a bit stupid.

Based on the latter definition a group of Volvo stalwarts came together at a Show & Shine the rural metropolis of Rosewood on the south western side of Brisbane. Meeting at Roses on the Warrego Highway at Marburg under threatening clouds the ever optimistic members decided to brave the weather anyway. Sadly for the organisers the rain kept up a steady drizzle for most of the day.

This where the above definition comes into play… The rain was not heavy but fairly consistent.

Unfortunately the large club gazebo was unavailable so Mike’s little 2.4 X 2.4 had to do. A problem with the extending legs, which insisted on departing their rightful positions inside the upper shafts, brought out previously unknown engineering skills of some of the older members.

Eventually the tent was erected and provided some shelter. The site of a dozen men and a couple of ladies crammed sardine style in order to keep some semblance of comfort would have been somewhat amusing.

Our marque was well represented with a great variety of cars. In between squalls we managed to get out and look at some of the other cars. A wide variety of vehicles of varying makes and vintage were on display. U Beaut Utes were well represented as would be expected in

a rural place. Eventually the prize giving event, which had been eagerly anticipated, finally happened. Jared Wilson scored runner up most original but was upstaged by a DATSUN 120Y!!!

Not happy Jan…